Safaricom unveils new post pay plans: here’s why we are boarding.

Safaricom yesterday unveiled a new innovation in their postpay product dubbed Karibu Postpay an all-inclusive product for all users.

The new postpay plan will offer customers bundled voice, data and SMS with no expiry on a renewable 30-day basis. Unused bundles will now be rolled out to the next month.

The Karibu postpay plan is simplified in a way that it takes only three steps to join. Contrary to the previous plan where you would be needed to visit the Safaricom shop, fill an application form and still have to spend another 48 hours waiting to be rolled over. The new plan is very flexible and even easier for customers.

At the moment, all you need to do is. Visit my Safaricom App, or dial the *544# USSD to activate the Karibu Postpay.

Unnaturally, customers on the new platform are will be able to covert their voice bundle to data or data bundle to voice and more. Also, customers are now able to make local calls across all networks and additionally, even international calls to countries such as India, China, united states and Canada.

However, for the current customers, for instance, those on the platinum plan, will be able to roll out to the new plan at the end of the month unless they are willing to transition.

Sylvia Mulinge, Chief Customer Officer, Safaricom said. “the revamped package is available to all PostPay customers and Prepay customers at five price points. Ranging from a KES 1,000 plan with 5GB data, 400 minutes. And unlimited SMS, to a KES 10,000 plan that offers unlimited data, voice and SMS.

“We have big surprises for our PostPay customers in the near future where. We plan to offer additional destinations for international calling. And also unveil a device financing model where customers can get a device as part of their PostPay plan,” added Sylvia.