Nendo is looking for a researcher to join the team in April, 2016 to leader a series of interviews and research exercises into the following areas:

  • Mobile
  • Social Media
  • E-Commerce

As a qualified candidate for this position, you’ll be:

  • Detail-oriented – There will be things to organise and details to fit into your research, we expect you to put that together on your own. It goes without saying no typographical errors…anywhere.
  • A Reader – You’ll have reports and other material at your disposal. It will be up to you to sift through material to determine what is important and what isn’t
  • Able to conduct one-on-one interviews – You should be prepared to spend a lot of face-time with people asking questions and taking notes. Some telephonically, some in-person.
  • A Scheduler – you’ll need to get on the schedules of busy people. This will involve email trails, quick responses, calendar management and managing yourself well including your time and movements around our city of Nairobi
  • A Writer – You will be a person capable of writing up a clear and well-edited report of your findings. You will also submit your field notes and transcripts from your interviews as references
  • Curious – despite what you bring to the table you’re going to be challenged by the nuances of what it means to deliver services to “connected” Kenyans. Keeping an open and curious mind is important in order to ask different and unrehearsed questions as long as they lead to greater understanding
  • A Lifelong Learner – This assignment will need you to go from “I don’t know that” at 7 PM to “I understand it” by 7 AM. Your ability to use your own initiative to get yourself up to speed is critical
  • A Planner – You’ll know how to structure your time and resources to ensure you’re on-time and making consistent progress under minimal supervision

As a qualified candidate for this position, you’ll have:

  • An Understanding of Research – you’ll need to know how to structure your time dig deeper on previous questions and ensure you get adequate answers
  • A Perspective on Technology – you’re interviewing people who will expect you to be able to speak the language (or comprehend concepts) of the mobile, social media and e-commerce industry. Any previous experience here in knowing the working language will be helpful
  • The ability to show us you’re up for the job and can do the task – Even before the work begins we expect you to show us what you can do. If you’re reading this, consider this an open invitation to wow us, it is not just a CV we’re looking for but a mindset

To put yourself forward for this position, kindly email a 200-word motivation for this assignment and a CV or biography with references. A writing sample would be a helpful addition. Kindly send these to before end of day, Monday 11th April 2016. More details on the job are contained in this PDF.