Last evening we hosted Wananchi Group at our offices at The Nailab for the launch of Zuku 250Mbps internet for home users.  Zuku’s aim is to make quality home entertainment and communication services accessible to a rapidly growing market with its Premium TV content, Internet Services and telephone services for the choice conscious African middle class.

Zuku TV services have been successfully launched in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi and most recently Zambia as they plan to reach out to more countries in the near future. Zuku Fiber Cable Network is currently available in Kenya’s major cities Nairobi and Mombasa.

The Zuku Fiber package with the fastest internet speed in Kenya dubbed Home Advanced 250Mbps, comes a year after Zuku Fiber stated that it would invest Ksh 2.6 billion to upgrade its network infrastructure and services. These investments and continuing investments being made by Zuku Fiber have significantly improved the quality of service that Zuku Fiber offers to the market.

The launch yesterday was marked with questions from the guests in regards to the speed of the internet and its safety. Guests were advised on using tools available to help implement parental guidance setting so you don’t have to fear what your children watch.

The panelists from Zuku were also able to explain to the audience that the speed of the internet is determined by the distance from the modem and the laptop capabilities to handle such speeds. Connection by cable also guarantees maximum internet speed as compared to Wi-Fi.

While commenting on the launch of the Home Advanced 250Mbps service package earlier, Zuku Fiber Group CEO Mr. Thomas Hintze said “The introduction of the 250 Mbps package offering the fastest internet speed in Kenya is designed to meet and satisfy the evolving customer needs for the consumption of streaming short videos, movies, real-time gaming and live video chat. These services require higher bandwidth and low latency internet services. I would like to encourage customers using such services to take up Zuku Fiber high speed packages in-order to enhance their experience and satisfaction when using these internet services”.

Mr Hintze also added that, “It is also notable that other leading Home Internet providers in the world are also upgrading their speeds due to changes in consumer consumption patterns towards the consumption of fresher streaming content and an exponentially increasing demand for video on demand services. These changes in consumer consumption patterns will necessitate the use of higher speeds in-order to optimize the customers use experience”.

In light of this, the Home Advanced 250Mbps service package will provide writers (freelance and home based) with the capability of earning income through their writing. These fast internet speed from Zuku Fibre will provide a faster, cheaper and easily accessed internet Service provider from the comfort of their own home.

The newly introduced Home Advanced 250Mbps package comes at a cost of Ksh19,999 and includes 250Mbps internet speed, premium TV content through the Zuku TV, a free cable modem for internet service, a free TV set-top box, and telephony services.

Zuku Fibre has also decided to upgrade their current internet packages for their customers by up to 66% more speed at the same price they currently pay and at no additional cost to the customer.