Yesterday Safaricom launched a new and exciting product called the ‘FLEX’ bundle. This new product is meant for all its users but majorly targets customers who would like the freedom to choose how they allot their airtime for calls, SMS or data services.

The FLEX bundle product is as flexible as the name decrees more so for anyone who has multiple businesses, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME’S) and those who basically run their day to day business services through their phones.

Customers who sign up for the ‘FLEX’ bundle plan get three options. The Daily FLEX for KSh99 offering 115 FLEX Units; the Weekly FLEX for KSh599 offering 700 FLEX Units; and the Monthly FLEX at KSh2,499 that is valid for 30 days and offers 3,100 FLEX Units.

One FLEX unit is worth 3MB of data, or a 20 seconds call, or three SMS. In the case the customer has unused FLEX units, they can be rolled over by renewing the existing FLEX bundles before expiry.

The FLEX bundle product will enable the customer gain 35 per cent savings on calls, SMS or data. Active ‘FLEX’ plan customers will also earn loyalty points, which are 3 FLEX units, every time they send money above KShs 100 on M-PESA.

While remarking on the product launch, Bob Collymore, Safaricom’s CEO stated “As part of our strategic objective of putting the customer first, we are designing and delivering products and services that meet the exact needs of our different customer segments. With FLEX, we are offering freedom and flexibility to our customers to navigate across our different products without restrictions.”

As Safaricom strives to transform lives, the FLEX bundle plan is a product that will significantly shift the current way of doing things. For the small and medium sized business enterprise owners, this is an affordable product that will enable the customer conduct their daily activities on a much easier platform where they get more value and flexibility.

This product is central for online businesses and enterprises, a current trending venture, who will be able to use the internet to interact with their customers and still text and call the said customer. With the advantage of M-PESA usage, which is their main mode of payment, being echoed back to the FLEX bundles for the active users, this is more than a flexible product. The hustle of owning multiple sim cards or phones with the notion that other mobile service providers might be offering better tariffs might as well be a thing of the past for most business people.

The FLEX bundle is available to all Safaricom customers on both PrePay and PostPay payment plans. To subscribe to the bundle customers dial *100# for PrePay or *200# for PostPay users.