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With the new flagship phones being released all through late last year spilling into this year, OPPO Kenya decided they will not be left behind. In an event hosted by BAKE at the Nailab, OPPO launched their new flagship phone, the Oppo FIND X in Kenya. The phone was launched in June earlier in the year but had not yet been released in the Kenyan market.

The Find X phone is as much attractive as it is functional. To upgrade the gradient body of the phone, OPPO added a gradient effect to the frame of the phone according to its shape, combining gradient colour with the 3D curve on the rear side to create a glossy effect that resembles gemstones. It comes in two colours, Bordeaux red and Glacier blue. “It is OPPO’s belief is that a smartphone is not just a communication device, but a piece of art and Find X is proof of this philosophy.” James Irungu OPPO Kenya PR and Communications Manager said.

The phone is bezel-less meaning it provides the user with good grip, sense of comfort while in hand and a full-screen usage of about 93.8% unlike any other phone in the market, both the back and the front have a 3D glass with a 2.5D treatment to the edge, making it a first in the industry. The OPPO Find X adopts 6.42-inch, dual-arc OLED screen, supporting a display for rich colour and vivid pictures. A 19.5:9 aspect ratio further expands the screen range and at the same time ensures a comfortable hand feel, bringing the user a wider view. The phone is all screen!

The FIND X has a unique feature that has not been done in any other mobile phone in the market-its motorized camera. Considering OPPO is the queen of selfies, of course, the camera had to be unique. Should you want to take a selfie, the phone has an inbuilt durable motor that projects the camera up and allows you to take your pictures in high resolutions.

It was a common concern among the crowd how it would fair on in the occurrence of a fall, but in a demonstration by OPPO’s product manager, Ernest Teigut, the camera possesses a stealth sensor that notes a free fall and immediately retracts. “The phone can even be dropped from heights of 8 metres and it would still be fast enough to save the camera from any damage.”

This amazing camera also allows the user A 25MP AI-enhanced camera with 3D AI Beauty Technology that provides numerous beautification options, making you look amazing in every picture you take. While designing the FIND X, OPPO moved away from the fingerprint sensor and instead went with 3D Structured Light Facial Recognition; 3D AI (artificial intelligence) Beauty Technology which is more secure than the traditional biometric fingerprint.

OPPO in the past have produced phones that have high battery life in their day to day resilience in making sure you get full use of your phone, but they really outdid themselves with the FIND X by equipping it with the latest super VOOC flash charge technology that boasts a charging time of 35 minutes for 100% of battery. This allows you to have your phone fully charged in the least amount of time possible, especially in times of crisis or emergency. To assume a minimal design and have multi-purpose functionality, the phone uses the same charging port as the headphone jack. The traditional jack is not supported and now replaced with wireless headphones.

One of the features we really look forward to when buying a phone would be the capacity to hold two sim cards and the FIND X makes this possible, both having the accessibility to 4G networks. This function allows you to download as much content as possible at faster speeds when using both networks and this alludes to the sheer greatness of its memory space. The find X boasts 256GB ROM, 8GB RAM and Snapdragon 845 SoC. This gives the user the ability to store as much as you might on your PC while avoiding a sluggish response to commands.