On Tuesday 28th May 2019, we’ll be hosting Brand Kenya for an interactive panel discussion at The iHub, where they will take the audience on their mandate as a board and what they hope for Kenya for the future.

Brand Kenya Board (BKB) is a state corporation established in March 2008. People who have heard of Brand Kenya usually confuse it with Magical Kenya, two corporations that have totally different mandates. At the meetup, Brand Kenya will demystify who they are and get into the nitty-gritty of what it is that they do to ensure that Kenya is shown in the best light possible to the rest of the world.  They will be talking about:

  1. Brand Kenya and key projects that the Board has been undertaking in the past year
  2. The state of Kenya as a Brand
  3. Other aspects of nation branding aside from tourism products.
  4. Role of bloggers and online content creators in nation branding

Join us as we discuss how you can work with Brand Kenya towards a common goal of transforming Kenya into a competitive global brand.


When: Tuesday 28th May 2018

What: Brand Kenya meet up with bloggers and influencers

Where: The iHub, 6th Floor, Senteu Plaza,  along Galana Road

Time: 5.00pm to 8.00pm



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