In most cases, businesses rebrand to adopt to foreseen growth changes in the company, partnerships or after a big crisis that might have blown away profits and only rebranding can save it.    

According to AYTM blog, rebranding occurs when a business wants to disrupt a significant element of the brand, for instance, the brand logo, name or a slight shift in the key messaging to offer a more relevant brand promise. 

On other times, companies rebrand in reaction to an event that is so significant in that the existing brand name must change. 

Ordinarily, rebranding occurs in two major categories: Proactive rebranding and Reactive rebranding. 

Proactive rebranding occurs in situations like when a business is predicting growth, a new line of business, product or new market venture, when a company is looking into acquiring new audience or when the current brand is losing relevancy. 

On the other hand, Reactive rebranding occurs in compulsory situations when a company is entering into a new merger with another company and an alternative name is needed to solidify the merger, a number of legal issues for example trademark, competitive influencers in that competitive activities may make a brand ton rebrand to keep up with the market trends or negative news that has hammered negative impact to the company. 

Truth is, rebranding can be good especially if you are shifting your blog from a social to a business or corporate focus or especially when you want to monetize your blog. 

Rebranding your blog to a more comprehensive website can fairly attract a huge audience and also improve your ranking. The blogging industry is gradually growing and rebranding your blog to fit a certain audience might as well set you on top of your competitors.  

Just like when a new product is launched, you eagerly await to feel it or for instance when a new phone or electronic comes in the market, people tend to be attracted to it. New things incline to draw the most attention, rebranding can be the best time to showcase the growth of your blog. 

However, rebranding is not an easy task as it looks in books and blogs. Getting the final results all clear and holding onto the old and new audience is no walk in the park. There will be an audience that will dislike the new logo or brand name and chose to walk away or spam your blog because the new name looks like an impostor into their emails.

Therefore, before you decide to take that step, give it a lot of thought. Do some serious research on the pros and cons. Just because someone has rebranded, doesn’t mean it is the right step for you. Every situation is different.