What usually comes on your mind when someone tells you about a product review?

It is difficult to talk about online products without mentioning reviews. Personally, as a common online shopper, before finalizing on the payments I always check on the previous reviews made by other customers who have used the products because they are the most genuine ones.

Unlike product marketing, reviews give you a prelude about a product of your interest. A good review will undeniably make a customer more contented and confident in buying the product.

Ordinarily, every store claims their products are the best. Which is based on their marketing parameters to make sells and profits from the product they’ve made.

Therefore, consumers could best judge the products more accurately basing on the results from using the products. With the help of product reviews, a customer knows exactly what he is buying, what he is being offered and what are the things he can expect from the product.

According to Appseconnect.com, product reviews have become more important due to the lack of the ability to ‘test’ the product prior to its purchase online; whereas checking and ‘testing’ the product physically before buying them is feasible in brick-and-mortar concept of business.

Reviews come in handy for instance if a consumer is pleased to buy a product online where as he is not able to test it prior to the purchase, the only way that can ignite the confidence of the product in him is by going through the previous customer’s reviews for reassurance.

One good thing about customer reviews is that you can have full access to information about the pros and cons of the classified product. 

According to 2013 statistics by Advances in Economics and Business , 85.57% of the participants stated that they read reviews often or very often before they purchase online. Of the participants who read reviews, 83.65% weigh both positive and negative reviews.

Product reviews are not necessarily a customer only thing, it’s a worthwhile way a blogger can use to monetize their blogs while still attracting more audience.

For instance, when you do a review about a certain dress, anyone interested in the dress will look for reviews about it and land on your blog. As they go through the review on your blog in return they will bring you, new followers.

However, before doing product review just like any other business venture, you ought to understand your products in detail so that you don’t misguide your customers. Here, one insignificant mistake will literally drop you dead.

Secondly, review products that align with your content. Reviewing a phone when you are food blogger can still pay and attract an all new audience but not as much as reviewing a food based product.

The best way to go about reviews is having knowledge on the brand before review, for instance when it comes to something like wine, have knowledge about all the wine brands, what differentiates them and the significant processes that are involved in the brewing. With this knowledge, it is easier to engage your audience when questions arise.