On Monday 3rd March 2020, we’ll be hosting Safaricom PLC for an interactive panel discussion at The iHub. The company will be taking the audience on their upcoming Safaricom Post Pay product.

Safaricom is the largest and most profitable telecommunications provider in Kenya continues to stay committed and innovative by providing the best services to its clients.

The new postpay product will make things easier for all its customers. 
From enabling you to call, text and browse with ease without the worry of your credit running out as you are only required to pay your bill at the end of the month.

It also ensures business continuity as there are no interruptions during texting, calling or browsing. The postpay services provide an avenue for business growth for it is cost-effective as compared to the prepaid service.

It also provides its customers with the convenience of accurately tracking their total monthly expenditure as compared to the prepaid service. The service also enables clients to allocate a desired amount of money that they would wish to spend per month. 

Innovation is important in a company as it shows relevancy, shows progress and ensures financial and growth. Join us as Safaricom unveils their new and exciting product.

At the meetup, Safaricom will be speaking about the prelude of the new postpay product. And the future of the product to the market.

Details of the event

When: Tuesday 3rd March 2020

What: Safaricom meet up with bloggers and influencers

Where: The iHub,6th Floor, Senteu Plaza, along Galana Road

Time: 5:00PM- 8:00PM