What if we are going to work from home for a longer period. Or if worse goes to worse, we work from home forever?

The COVID -19 pandemic has absolutely got everyone by surprise in 2020. Bigger projects, companies we thought will never run down are now almost subsiding because of the change in the working patterns, relations and many more factors brought about by the pandemic. The lucky few are working from home but it’s still not an easy ride.

Working from home has its own tides and storms far worse than going to work every day. I can attest to the almost every day mental breakdowns I encounter. I no longer have time for myself like I used to. And especially being confined in one place for longer can never be comfortable.

So how can we create a comfortable work environment at home?

This is without a doubt new to everyone, with the exception of freelancers who have for ages been working from home.

You still have to be productive at home regardless of having kids’ allover you throughout the day, a home full of distractions or had errands to fix through the day. A healthy home office will surely help you deliver at your best.

The best tips for a healthy home office include:

Setting up a work station

Start off by picking the right work desk and do not turn almost any desk you can find into one. The height of the desk is crucial in ensuring that you do not have a poor posture at the desk. A desk that is too short will force you to hunch over in an unhealthy fashion, while a desk that is too high will cause wrist and shoulder problems.

Pick the right chair to accompany the desk for more comfort. You are going to sit it down for longer hours so comfort is important.

Cutting on noise and distraction

Even in the normal office set up noise still brings tons of disruptions and may hinder your work delivery. A home office that cuts back on noise is not just a more efficient space, but it also is far healthier and constantly boosts your work delivery.

Declutter often

Declutter your office as often as possible. Things have habit of collecting in your hoke office especially if you have kids or from a busy home which might bring down your concentration.

Make it a habit to purge your home office of paper piles, half-read books, coffee cups, knickknacks and whatever else is taking up space and not serving any purpose.

Also resist using the home office for other activities. While its convenient to use your dining as a home office for a small home, it comes with tons of distractions. Your scheduled meeting at mealtimes will mean you have to find another station or always push them.

Take breaks

Make a normal work timetable for your home office. Make it a habit to have breaks in between your work schedules. The breaks will help you reduce back strain and blood circulation in the body which is important for your health. Also practice taking an eye breaks to reduce eye strains Every twenty minutes, stop looking at your screen. Stare at something 20 yards away and hold it for 20 seconds.

Lighting and ventilation

Lighting is another element of home office design that tops the ‘essential’ list in the home office, and a smart blend of ambient and task lighting is the way forward.  And irrespective of the amount of artificial lighting on offer, nothing matches the benefits that natural illumination and a hint of sunlight bring.

 Even a small window can make a huge difference to the ambience of the home office and make those endless work hours far easier on your eyes.

   Lastly, invest in fitness equipment, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Taking breaks to do some little exercise really activates your body and mind. Oftentimes shifts your focus to make better decisions in your work.