Brand storytelling is simply using the best story telling elements that connect your brands products, services, beliefs and thoughts or basically sharing the heart of your brand to your valued to your consumers.

Storytelling is an important figure for a brand in today’s fast-paced digital-driven society. Brand storytelling is an interconnected narrative that weaves together the facts and emotions that your brand evokes. In addition to giving your customers reasons why they should buy a product or service. Businesses need to start sharing the story behind their brand around why it exists, and why it matters, consistently across all communication.

In today’s market, the audience is naturally driven by the personal connections that they make with brands. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram have also become a great force in influencing consumers views of various brands, making digital platforms more essential for business. Having a quality product or service as the only commodity to drive a brand ceased long ago.

Brands now have to go an extra mile to hook their customers to their products by explicitly differentiating themselves from other similar brands. This is only possible through brand storytelling.

Brand storytelling is a core arm of our business. Beyond promoting online content creation, we connect the content creators and brands so that brands can tell their story through the BAKE organized experience events.

The BAKE Experience is a conversational style meet-up where brands get to showcase their products or services to bloggers and other online content creators. The audience consists of Kenya’s most intelligent, captivating and renowned content creators.

The Experience also allows a brand to meet the bloggers face-to-face. This allows for the creation of deeper relationships between you and the bloggers. 

BAKE aims at Putting the right bloggers in touch with the right people within your organization will allow them to create better quality content as it relates to your products or services. The event usually hosts up to 40 bloggers. The sponsor also has full control of branding

For over 5 years now, we have organized experience events which have derived value for several brands across the country. The conversations created have had a large impact on the brands from sales and brand awareness across all industry sectors.

In return, most of the brands have achieved a good per cent of brand engagements and recognition that can be traced from the online conversations with the content creators.

This year alone, we have hosted several experience events for brands across all key industry players in the market. For instance, in March, we hosted Safaricom for the launch of a new innovation in their post pay product. From the conversations created online, we achieved impressive engagements about the brand and the product.

In the coming week, we will be hosting the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) for a virtual experience event that will be live on BAKE’S Facebook and YouTube on 15th July 2020. The event is an expansion of the program was also hosted by BAKE last year.

Want to learn more? Our next Livestream event is open to the public, follow us on our social media pages for more insights. Facebook: BAKE Kenya, YouTube: BAKE Kenya