A good Social media campaign allows you to connect with your target market, prospects, and customers at any time. The platforms allow you to inform your customers about current promotions, special offers, new products, and more.
Brands are from day to day making digital media part of their brand strategy. And a social media campaign is, without doubt, a saviour when trying to reach anyone outside of your loyal customer circle.
Social networks are now a substantial part of every marketing strategy. And the benefits of using social media campaigns are so great that anyone not implementing this resource is missing out on a phenomenal marketing opportunity.
One great advantage of social media campaigns is the ability to give brands unbiased reviews on Products and services. Consumers on social media leave tons of generous reviews that continue to guide other buyers to buy a product from their most genuine reviews more than from the brand itself.
Social media marketing offers equal weights for everyone. There are many customers who are hunting online for solutions to their problem. Or looking for suggestions and conclusions on a product. By having a drawing in the online networking vicinity, you are demonstrating that your business is trustworthy and can be trusted.
Moreover, consumers believe more in reviews made by other consumers as it provides honest feedback for your brand to consider. Whether good or bad, by monitoring what is being said about your business is a great way to learn and improve. Show your customers you care about them.
BAKE prides in supporting brands to reach their goals through organizing social media campaigns from time to time. The campaigns run from single-day campaign to months of campaigning while ensuring brands get the metrics that they need.
Last month, we did a Twitter chat for Microsoft during the launch of the Game of Learners (GOL) programme in the form of a hackathon aimed to spur innovation among university students across Kenya. An initiative developed by Microsoft’s Africa Development Centre (ADC).

With the campaign, we managed to generate 3.7 million impressions in just one hour. The posts also reached over 260K people on Twitter.
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