Brand awareness is a top priority for all brand marketers. Twitter is one of the world’s most popular social network with more than 336 million active users. Users on Twitter are also super engaged which makes it easier for brands to thrive with marketing. An example is Twitter chats, which are one proven solution to brand awareness and growth.

Ordinarily, Twitter chats are public conversations organized around a specific topic on Twitter using a specific hashtag and can at times bring out a feelinging like any normal conversation. Considering that they are just open and public conversations, they create opportunities for a thousand of Twitter users to create meaningful conversations around your brand.

Twitter chats allows companies to have another more convenient way to reach their target customers. In the former days, branding would be focused on print media, broadcast ads and newsletters or email and flyers which would attract a lesser audience than what social media does. It is was also expensive. Social media provides for a cheaper option, and ensures brand consistency in all platforms.

Brand consistency across all marketing touchpoints is a challenge for every company, especially during the COVID-19 times. Most brands have been forced to move online to be able to catch up with the changing market atmosphere.
How do you make sure that your activities are noticed online? Are you providing your services in a similar tone you were serving them with physically? Well, with social media, you can actually do that. That means curating messages and communications to a specific target audience.

Social media usage is continually growing. Especially when social distancing was introduced to restraint the spread of Coronavirus, consumers now prefer online conversations from meetings, events and webinars more than ever to limit interactions, by using Tweet chats to create conversations around a certain topic can increase your brands visibility. On average, a one-hour tweet chat can get about 200,000 impressions all about your brand which provides exposure for your company.
While tweet chats give you exposure, you will win followers who are your potential future clients. Tweet chats are also a great way to build a loyal community behind your brand.
Additionally, a Twitter chats are the best way to make connections with other leaders in your industry. Tweet chats bring together professionals from across all professionals around the world and who knows, your expert solutions will be found just there.

And the best thing about twitter is that it has analytics, to gauge how far your communication has reached. From there you can plan for more targeted communication. Amazing right? Why not start that chat today, and let us know how it went in the comments section.