Looking for something to read in 2020? stay right there. This list entails of new blogs from entertainment, business, tech, lifestyle and many more informative blogs that would brighten your day.

Ideally, a blog is a web page or an online journal that exists to inform an exclusive group or address the public on a specific topic. In Kenya, we have over 3000 active blogs that constantly create content online.

Kenyan blogs have proved to be a reliable source of information to most kenyans. Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic, the blogs have been of a source of information from entertainment, education business and more to kenyans as the exercise the stay at home directive.

Today, I’ve compiled a list for not so new but great blogs that you can read through. Last year we compiled a list of business blogs that you as well read along this new list.


Bizwatch Is a digital news platform in Kenya. The blog has all the latest news on Business, technology and lifestyle making sure that you never miss a launch or something happening right in the heart of our country.

Mtoto News

Mtoto News is about making children visible. Mtoto News is an award-winning digital platform that uses technology to share news, and resources to the public on how to tackle challenges facing children.

Bizna Kenya

Bizna is an award-winning digital platform that provides marketing and enterprise development solutions to small businesses and entrepreneurs. The blog focuses on helping businesses Create awareness about their products and services, market their products and services to a wide range of clients and client engagement through social media and mobile solutions.

Marlyne The Parent

Is a Kenyan creative blog focusing on parenting and family in general. The blog shares insights on parenting for new parents, marriage, general life incidences and fatherhood. The platform is seemingly new in the block but very informative. If you are looking for something to read through COVID-19 as a parent, you should definitely make a stop here.

Zed the Financialist

Want to read anything financial? Zed the Financialist should be your next stopover.

Zed The Financialist is a financial blog that aims to redefine money matters into a simple and more relatable perspective. tHE

With a passion for financial literacy  — writing makes me happy. I truly believe in the transformative power of financial education and inclusion and their ability to improve communities, elevate economic inequalities,engage and inspire people through writing.Excited to walk through the financial journey;lets make something beautiful together.


Khusoko is a modern, multi-platform, multimedia business publication that provides analysis of business news, economic, and technological issues within the African markets with a focus on East Africa.

The blog stresses accuracy and credibility, commentary that is informed, independent and fair, high quality, reliable and valuable information within the East African region with deep insights into Africa’s business investment news and the latest business research.

Unbounded Wisdom

Unbounded Wisdom is a Kenyan lifestyle blog that focuses on sharing enlightening knowledge with the world through content. The blog shares information from general advice, spiritual wisdom, inspirational quotes and many more.

If you are into reading spiritual wisdom stuff or need general advice on something, this blog should be your home.


This blog shares insights about campus life shared by a student blogger who mostly writes about real experiences in Campus, opinions and thoughts to help others through personal growth.

If you have an intertest in campus life or self discovery, this should be your place. You will not only read but rediscover yourself as well.


Enviro Wild is an environmental platform founded by an environmental scientist and researcher. The blog documents opinions, stories, conversations, and real situation of natural resources.

The blog advocates for :

  • Sensitization and Advocacy
  • Conservation
  • Climate Action
  • Story Telling and Documentation

Enviro Wild is actively engaged in practical conservation projects under the Mazingira Mtaani outfit.

The relationship mirror

The relationship mirror is a Kenyan blog that delves into creating a deeper relationship with God. The blog talks about how our relationships are a reflection of our true selves and how our relationships also reflect how we relate with God.

This blogs have been randomly and handpicked for your reading and not necessarily the best blogs to read this year.

You have another blog in mind that we are yet to share that you would like us to highlight? please share them in the comment box.