It’s quite normal for apps to ask you to have a strong password to keep your data safe from outside intruders or hackers. Your website in whichever state it still has critical information that you need to keep safe from the outside world.

We’ve been on the internet for decades , some all our lifetime but it doesn’t mean we have our lessons at hand. Password do’s and don’t do change so do we. we also forget them.

Blog avast says, Cybercriminals have thousands of tactics even ahead of us that they use to hack and however keen you are chances are you might once fall in that trap.

Passwords get hacked through different ways, commonly they include brute force attacks, that involves guessing every word combination until it matches your or phishing which involves cyber criminals try to trick you or pressure you through social engineering activities like lottery games or even ensnare you though witty phone calls.

If you are not tech-savvy and just blog for fun, then that habit should change. Every information you share online is sensitive in its own way for your consumers, close allies, family and other individuals.

Today, we have compiled a list of simple best practices to keep your passwords secure . they include:

Back up your data

Backing up data is often an overlooked form of data protection yet still very important to your daily activities. In circumstances where you lose your phone or laptop, you will be able to retrieve your data safely if you have enabled data back up.

One thing about backing up data is that its quite affordable, and it doesn’t require an extra penny to back up your data.

There are several options available to back up data that include copying your data on a rewritable CD or DVD, USB Drive or using cloud based back up solution like Google Drive which sincs your information to a safe cloud system.

There are also a number of paid for back up software solutions that will still come in handy for your back ups like Paragon Back up and Recovery for advanced data recovery.

Paid for back up solutions do an excellent job of making the process of backing up as simple as possible from automatic scheduling, wizard-based set up with no incremental backups so you can opt to back up your entire computer, partitions, select files and folders based on location, or files based on their type.

Make your passwords complicated and long

The most common mistakes we make with passwords is that we pick on the most obvious options like using our birthdays, memorable events or pet names for our passwords which is easy for anyone to guess.

Abstain from using common passwords or characters that are sequential on a keyboard for instance “Qwerty” is widely used passwords. one out of 20 people have at least in their lifetime tired using qwerty as a password

Do not re-se passwords

Using similar passwords is ideal especially for people like me who are not password savvy. I’d want to use my name “Val ” as a a password anytime of my life just that most applications need something strong.

While online, develop a habit of using secure passwords and most importantly do not re-use your passwords. take it it this way, if your are using your password “JEAN2020” for all your credit cards and your account gets compromised then, there are high chances your accounts will be at risk.

Change your passwords regularly

Lastly, change your passwords regularly. Once in a while, trying changing your favorite passwords. No matter how strong your password is , hackers are always on the watch, trying them out from time o time to get through your account . Only changing your passwords regularly will minimize the chances of you being hacked.

Are you still using Qwerty as your password in 2020? it’s time to up your game. time changes so do passwords. Your data protection starts with you.