The world of business in 2020 can only be described using one word; turbulent. Just as with plane turbulence in the sky, a flight may end up horribly in a crash while in some other instances a pilot may manage to rescues the flight and all aboard. After the Corona pandemic, some companies were able to salvage the little they could, while others went down and have to start again. All in all, if a company wants to be on an upward trajectory it will have to go into intensive marketing.

This are some of the eight marketing trends to watch in 2021, they include:

Reconnect with your clients

After the turbulence of 2021, you may need to reconnect with your customers and you can achieve this by getting direct feedback from them. The use of surveys and questionnaires will go a long way into knowing about your customers and how they view the world at the moment. In the end, many companies may have to evolve to fit in with the expectations of their clients.

Social E-commerce will  blow up

According to the  2021 Hootsuite Social Trends report, the smartest brands will understand where they fit into customers’ lives on social media, and they’ll find creative ways of fitting into the conversation.” Social media and e-commerce are on the rise and 2021 is expected to see more social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest making use of user-generated content. This means that as you scroll you will be able to see something you like and buy it instantly. According to HubSpot, 71 per cent of people are more likely to purchase from brands just because they were referred from social media. When E-commerce is paired with UGC, the social media presence of the brand will become even stronger.

Video content will become bigger

Video is taking its place as the most attention-grabbing platform when it comes to eyeballs. Apart from being engaging, videos are friendlier and can be used to pass tough messages as well. A good case in point is the Tik Tok platform and it keeps growing in popularity every day. If this is one of your marketing tools, then it has to be fast-paced, tell the story of the product and end with a call-to-action; all did in a quick and efficient manner. Another important tip is to ensure that the videos you create match the content you are trying to market to the audience. Mismatched videos and content make for much inconsistency, confusion and can fail to deliver the message completely. You should also not be afraid to experiment with different platforms ranging from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram to TikTok because you will never know if any of them is good for you unless you try.  

Going virtual

Physical interaction and marketing were among the greatly affected aspects of the business world by the Corona pandemic. So this means that last year there were no major conferences, sales pitches, meetings and here at BAKE there we were not able to hold physical experience meetings. It was all, however, not gloom and doom as marketing people moved online and companies we able to realize their expectations as well. Virtual events are transforming the vents and experiences industry and this will go on in 2021 and beyond.  

 Leads Generation Service

Some marketing companies are turning to lead generation services and this has helped them target specific people and companies with their products. Different companies have various packages for their lead generation services so it is very important to look at several and compare them to get the best Return on investment. 

 Influencer Marketing  

Influencer marketing is growing by the day and basically entails leveraging the reach of a famous and or popular person who commands a large following. The influencer in question will also have a reputation in a specific niche need to endorse the product, support the brand or help in co-creating content all geared towards increasing brand awareness which will drive sales in the end. In Kenya the practice is also quite popular with Instagram celebrities, musicians, bloggers and talk show hosts among the people frequently approached to market various products and services. Marketing experts are proposing that marketing personnel look for people with about 25k followers as such micro influencers have ,more engagement on their pages with their followers.

Engaging in purpose-driven missions

After engaging the clients for feedback it is easy to know where their heart lie and brands in 2021 are looking to engaging in various causes that came after the effects of Covid-19. In some instances the causes will be directly linked to Corona or other causes that are coming up. So many companies have already positioned themselves for this.

 Conversations at the heart of content marketing

There is much content being pulled from actual conversations from other people among them reviewers, bloggers, podcasters and vloggers, etc. Such people provide genuine experiences having used the product or services and their feedback is really what the audience and marketing people are looking for on daily basis.