Today, almost all of us are bombarded by an excessive amount of information especially now with the rich internet penetration. You can be sitting at your balcony birdwatching and still hear the birds say something about California or someone whispers on the socials about Canada and so forth which with time gets overwhelming.

Information overload can be defined as an excess of information available to someone trying to work that can prevent that person from successfully completing their task and making the right decision. Especially with technology evolving by the second and responsibilities mounting, it’s no wonder you might feel as if your brain is about to explode.

These are some of the reasons why information overload occurs:

  1. Huge volumes of information are very hard to process. It’s no secret that content is created every day. Thus, we are faced with new ideas and information daily.
  2. The ease of access to information online makes it easy to create more content thus its easier for people to put together loads of information at ago .
  3. The use of social media has also led to an increase of channels contributes to information overload. Social media has the power to spread information through many platforms within seconds.

How to overcome information overload

Write Down Your Thoughts

Try to put everything that has accumulated in your head on paper. This is a helpful exercise whether you are suffering from information overload or not.This will help you select the best infomrtaion you want and crop pout the uncessary ones.

Writing down your thoughts will also helps you create an in-depth record of your personal development. You’ll be able to see how you handled issues in the past, what your hopes and dreams were and whether you’ve achieved them, and if and how your personal values have changed since you began journaling.

While writing is simply an art, with time it helps you discover things about yourself that you hadn’t realized before.

Create a list of your tasks.

Lists help you check with your daily activities. Adopting a checklist habit helps you easily control the flow of information including categorizing them according to priority. With this, you can structure your thoughts by putting them on paper or use mobile apps for this purpose. You will notice how your brain releases from tones of information and points-to-remember.

Eliminate what you don’t actually need.

Sometimes, information overload comes with the tasks we have around us. That’s why it is essential to cross the unnecessary points out of the list. By eliminating useless stuff, you make your mind clearer and life brighter. To make this a possibility, start by setting priorities, evaluating your tasks, and decide in what order to complete them. You will see that some can wait for another day, week, or even month.

Prioritizing things, you have to filter what information you get from the Internet. This is where our next tip comes from

Do not save articles with the information you already know. 

There is so much amount of data available online nowadays and at times its overwhelming. you don’t need to overcrowd your laptop or your desk with piles of unnecessary details. Remember about the “less is more” rule when you try to store information. Prioritize on the information you want to keep and and only load more when its necessary, this will save you from the overload.

Are you a victim of information overload? I hope this tips will help you avoid it.