A brand story is basically a statement that encompasses the facts and feelings that are created by your brand. Unlike traditional advertising, brand storytelling is more telling the outside world about your brand that inspires an emotional reaction.

Stories that can influence your brand include your product, price, history, quality, marketing, in-store experience, purpose, values, location and–most crucially–what other people say about you, this can include customer reviews.

Selling your brand story as a brand is a more sure way to unlock other key opportunities out there for your brand. Your story sums up the tons of decisions you make around value and luxury stick in your consumers’ minds. Oftentimes, even established brands use brand storytelling to stay relevant in the market

How best can you create a brand story?

There are several ways you can create your brand story, some of them include:

Determine your brand’s purpose

Determine your brands purpose by telling your story ou there. This includes explaining your mission, if you are framing yourself as the worlds best market leader, emphasize those values to meet the needs of your consumers.

Consumers want to know that there’s more to your company than just making sales profit. They want to connect with your brand’s purpose and this is possible with a relatable story.

Have a consistent brand story

Your products and services need to be aligned with your story. If your main goal as a company is to provide an affordable alternative to a luxury product, then you can’t be selling pricey luxury items.

Everything you do, from your products to your services, needs to be consistent with your brand story. You also need to maintain the same tone and messaging across all platforms. A little lack of consistency will cost your brand.

Understand your audience

You need an audience to tell a story, and you need to know who you’re talking to if you want to tell your story effectively. Your story should engage your audience by addressing their challenges, problems, needs and challenges that will make them part of your solution.

Defining your brand story is an essential tool to help consumers differentiate your company from the competition. There are dozens of companies that are similar to yours and offer similar products including some at relatively cheaper prices than what you offer. Thus, a brand story will help the consumer connect with you on a personal level to prefer your products over others.