Outranking your competitors is one of the most complex parts of SEO. While keywords bring much of traffic to your site, it’s almost impossible to get it right with your competitors. Still, there are still very effective ways that can help you outrank your competitors.

Listed below are five essential steps you can pick on with your content to beat your competitors in ranking. They include,:

competitor analysis

Doing a competitor analysis is one of the surest ways you can use to determine how to outrank your competitors whether on Google search or a physical competitor understanding. There are various methods you can use to analyze your competitors including competitorSpyFX, Shrefs and SEMrush. The tools provide clear metrics and analytics related to your competitors from performance, keywords nad factors that impact SEO. The data will help you determine opportunities that you can use to take advantage of them.

Write good content

Oftentimes we’ve heard sayings of Content is KIng be it from content creators, expert content marketers. There are thousands of blog posts published every day but still, there is a shortage of content on so many topics.

While specializing in your niche and targeting the right audience for your blog. Learn to curate outstanding content to outrank your competitors. For instance, a piece of content that is best among other pieces of content is called the 10x content because of its capabilities to top the rest.

To achieve this, you need to find the best keywords that outshine those of your competitors, analyze the content and create a better version from it to be at the top.

Highlight the areas your competitors have ignored.

There will always be something, a topic or a niche that your competitors have left out that still needs much attention. Pick on that one area and explore it with your full strength. Good infographics oftentimes make it easier for you to outperform competitors. Neil Patel’s blog is a case in point that this clearly works. On his blog he says, one of the reasons why I outperform other competitors who publish original infographics is that I add written and (I hope) effective content to the page.”

He adds, “I know that written content appeals to search engines more than images. By doing this, I’ve optimized the infographic page to appeal to both users and search engines. If you want to take your user’s experience to the next level and increase the perceived value of your content. You should embed videos or SlideShare presentations.”

Use On-page SEO

Another major area you count on to outperform your competitors is the use of On-page SEO.  on-page SEO, can affect your search engine performance depending on how much you emphasize in employing the SEO elements. . On-page SEO includes a wide range of elements, that include: internal linking, Alt tags, page speedS, URLs, Backlinks, heading tags, Meta descriptions, title tags and keywords.

Each element comes in handy to give your content flow and be SEO Friendly. For instance, Internal linking lets users connect with your content and makes it easier for them to get the content they are looking for.