Did the pandemic change you in a way? To us it did. The marketing industry has also shifted drastically and so marketers had to shift to adjust to the changes brought about by the pandemic.

So many things have experienced a drastic change since the pandemic started. For instance, consumers drastically shifted to online shopping to stay safe while also showing a shift in purchasing power. Reflecting on the pre-pandemic, events marketing companies for example were forced to operate full force online after the physical events were banned.

While through 2020 over 8 per cent of marketing jobs were lost, some of the shifts resulted in positive growth for the marketing industry. Like consumers now, buying products only is a normal thing, marketers have an easy time selling their products online.

Let’s look at some of the shifts that were brought about by the pandemic. they include:

COVID-19 Shifted Sustainability Focus From Products to Promotions

After the pandemic hit, marketers shifted their sustainability focus to changing marketing promotions. With digital products, promotion is the key target to your customers. They constantly need to see you doing something or posting that will move them to buy or pay for the service.

Unlike the physical shops where they can window shop or walk-in, an online store needs a similar approach to attract more consumers.

Covid-19 brought new e-service platforms

While e-service platforms have been in existence for quite some time now. Covid-19 has ballooned most of the services that we are receiving now. we have seen varying degrees of e-service adoption, especially in e-commerce and banking, with relatively higher penetration and media and entertainment. During COVID-19, we saw Telemedicine visits rapidly increased. People would book consultations online and even diagnose patients without the need of visiting the hospitals, something that hadn’t been implemented until the pandemic period.

Renewed focus on brands experience

Brand experience is an important part of long-term brand building and COVID-19 helped so many brands find new ideas that would help them stand out even in the pandemic period. Lately, brands have been adapting to offer consumers peace and tranquillity while still putting into consideration the given health guidelines.

 Condensing marketing processes

The initial stages of the pandemic were the most critical to most brands around the globe. And as such, everyone crumbled to put new and more solid structures to put the company afloat with pandemic unpredictability. Over a year in now, companies are fully settled in with most equipping themselves for the long-term. most brands have been forcing on building real-time data dashboards, re-formulating brand strategies and slashing internal red tape to move faster. Some are doubling down on fast consumer insights, looking to determine which new trends are here to stay or how crucial are they to the company at large.

For some, in-house talent and creativity are a priority as they seek more flexibility and control at much lower costs.

In the long run, Covid-19 has helped most brands including our brand to refocus and formulate new strategies that have been instrumental for the growth while still serving their clientele in real-time.