How content creators can use ticketed Twitter spaces for profit

Have you tried out Twitter’s ticketed spaces?

The first time I heard about Twitter spaces was in mid-2021 when Twitter was pilot testing them and it never seemed a workable idea basically something that would take forever to hatch since we were slowly going back to normal. So much has changed since then.

Twitter launched Ticketed Spaces as a way to support creators on Twitter for their time in hosting, speaking and moderating public conversations and slowly the spaces are revolutionizing the content creation space. This also adds to the tip jar feature that Twitter was earlier testing to allow users to tip creatives when driving conversations or when someone needs help on Twitter instead of sharing external payment links.

“We want to help people creating cool Spaces make $$$. today, some Hosts will be able to create Ticketed Spaces!,” Twitter said

The Ticketed spaces function builds upon Twitter’s social audio push to improve space discovery and help the app retain some of its best audio talents by providing them with additional incentives to broadcast in the app.

The space tab will showcase live audio broadcasts with listings accustomed to your topics of interest or the people you follow on Twitter.

Creators can use the spaces to host workshops, start conversations on various topics, do meet-and-greets with their loyal fans or just online paid events. As a creator, Ticketed spaces allows you to set a ticket price for their spaces.

Twitter says, “we want to help make Twitter not just a fun place to engage your audience, but a place where you can earn money driving great conversations—whether you’re just starting out or have already built a following”

How do creators start a ticketed space?

To start a ticketed space, you need to have hosted at least three successful spaces, have at least 1000 followers,  be 18 years of age and complete the onboarding process.

To get started with the spaces, long-press the tweet compose button on your home timeline and then tap on the space icon identified with diamond shape circles on the far left. On the sidebar, you get the monetization button. If you meet all the eligibility criteria you’ll be able to ticket and see more options to name your space and start it or schedule it.

How much do creators earn from the ticketed spaces

Twitter allows you to earn up to 97 per cent of the revenue from Spaces ticket purchases and Super Follows subscriptions.

Twitter only takes a three per cent share of your earnings until you exceed $50,000 in lifetime earnings on both products. After this point, Twitter’s share increases to up to 20% of future earnings.


What are the benefits of hosting ticketed twitter spaces?

Ticketed spaces can help you achieve the following:

Monetize your audience 

Ticketed Spaces helps you create unique and exclusive live audio experiences in Twitter Spaces, ones your audience is willing to pay for. With Ticketed Spaces, you have flexibility in setting the ticket price, which can be as low as $1 and as high as $999.

Host more intimate conversations

You now have the ability to set the size of your Ticketed Space, inviting 100 people, or just 5! Either way, you can now create deeper bonds with your followers in an intimate setting.

Easily promote your Spaces

The spaces allow you to remind your attendees that your Space is happening with push and in-app notifications sent directly to their devices and share your Space details directly to your Home Timeline.

Earn monthly revenue with super follows 

Ticketed spaces allow you to earn from your subscribers. Super Follows gives you a direct relationship with your most engaged followers that can generate monthly revenue.

Customize what you offer and set prices

The spaces also allow you to get creative with products or services your audience will love at a price they can afford. You can customize what you offer and choose from specified price points.

Please see the link here to learn more about twitter spaces and how to navigate more around the spaces.