Boost with Facebook: Top 3 tips to increase your Facebook Page’s traffic

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Have you tried Facebook boosting to increase your page traffic?

Well, to most business owners it doesn’t seem necessary at all while there’re some who believe in organic content and just that. One thing the covid-19 pandemic taught us is to be flexible with anything that comes our way. Our online shopping perceptions pre-pandemic have really turned around.

We now have more people who prefer to shop online and to make sales, businesses must secure their online presence to make sales. We definitely have businesses that have flat failed online due to various reasons that shouldn’t allow us to shy from trying.

Oftentimes we are met with a negative perception inherited from a second party point of view when we approach someone for a quick recap on their experience with Facebook boosting.

You’ll notice only 5 out of 10 businesses have boosted a post on Facebook. Out of this only one had a bad experience which on a higher scale resulted in a result of ignoring the Facebook boosting terms but you’ll find them with a recruit of the remaining 5 who never tried it at all.

Boost with Facebook is ideal for any business whether small or big provided you choose the best package that works for you.

In this article, we will highlight the magic of boosted posts on Facebook.

Boosted posts are basically ads you create from posts on your Facebook page. can Boosting a post depending on your boost package, can help you get more messages, video views leads or calls and reach more new people faster than when doing it organically.

One thing I like about boosting my posts is that I’m able to reach more new people including those who don’t follow you hassle-free.

How to get started with Boost with Facebook

Select your audience

These are the people you want to reach with your posts. For instance, if you are selling women’s shoes, your target audience should be women followed by the location you want to reach, their shoe preferences and sizes.

Set your budget

Why do you need a budget for your ads? They can run as long as you want but having a budget in mind allows you to control how much to go into boosting.

The budget that you select is the per-day price of boosting a post. Depending on the audience and budget that you choose, you may or may not reach the maximum

What kinds of posts can you boost on Facebook?

Stuck on what to post on Facebook?

you can share with your audience your business’s meaningful updates. They can be simple weekly menus or products, new hirings and anything else that would make your audience feel part of you.

It can also be an industry update on what your business is doing, stay in touch with your audience with Facebook posts. Use short, fun-to-read copy and eye-catching images to get attention.

Get more attention for a special post.

When your post is published, you can bring more attention to it by pinning it to your Page or embedding it on your website. When you pin a post, it will remain at the top of your Page so it’s the first thing people will see. Embedding a post means it will appear on your website.

Promote news or special discounts.

You can alternatively use posts to make special offers to your customers, invite them to events or share the moment with a live video. There’s nobody, at least for the customers I’ve known ever since started business who can say no to a discount. Promo products in the ost of times bring more returns to the business than anticipated.

Which promotion is right for your business?

Facebook offers tons of advertising platforms and objectives that can work perfectly with your business. .Here are some tips to help you choose which promotion matches your business goal:

Grow awareness by promoting your business Page.

Promoting a Page is a quick way to reach people who have an interest in your content or businesses. When your boost your page, your page will pop up on their screens with commodities they like or are looking and chances are they will follow up to get the products or services that you offer.

Drive people to act with a call to action.

Drive the conversions that matter to your Page through customised call-to-action buttons. These are on-page controls that promote your Page objectives, such as allowing visitors to book appointments or make purchases, or leading them to your website.

Send traffic to your website.

Promote your website to increase traffic, or drive customers to specific products, events or price listings on your website.

To learn more on how to create different promotions for your Page, please check out Facebook Advertiser Help Centre.