5 ways to make more time for your small business

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Starting a small business is always a dream come true. We Imagine having time to travel around the world, plan our own work hours meet the friends we never had time for in a while.

However, this is never it. We end up working 16 to even 24 hours a day to get things going. Every day the to-do list gets longer until you have no time left on your hands as you imagined.

A small business requires time and output enough to see things through and without good planning, you might never see things through.

Are you struggling with making time for your small business? In this article, we highlight some of the things you can do to make more time for your small business.


One of the major mistakes you can make as a small business owner is lacking a plan for your business. Being available 24 hours, a day still doesn’t bore fruits if there’s no planning

To achieve your goals as a small business owner, you need to plan how you will manage all the various small items to get done throughout the day as well as over the next few weeks with specific targets of what you want to achieve. Planning your projects gives you a chance to review and even rearrange them to fit your goal.


There’s no better way to make up for your small business but consistency is one sure way to keep things moving. While consistency is a key component to making money in business, it’s also a key factor in making up for your business.  You have to keep doing what is necessary to be successful day in and day out. This will create long-term positive habits that will help you achieve your long term goals like making money.

Outsource time-consuming tasks

When starting out as s small business, outsourcing service is the last thing we can do however challenging the task can be. Most business owners struggle for hours until they achieve it. This is among the mistakes we do.  We occasionally if not all the time gets the urge to constantly be doing everything on our own, at least until we can afford full-time staff. Right?  This is one detrimental move we can ever make for our business.  Doing it all on your own takes a lot of time away from you that could be spent on scaling and growing your business. Outsource the most time-consuming tasks you have, such as hiring a virtual assistant or finding talent for a short-term period.

Streamline your marketing

Marketing is a key resource for your small business. One of the main activities that can take a lot of your time is marketing. For a start, marketing can be draining. You may not see results for the longest and to an extent feel like you are spending hours on social media every day trying to market your business.

To get this simplified, create a calendar for your schedule and free up some of your time by creating a content calendar and batching your content.


Do you ever take time to rest as an entrepreneur? The idea of getting things right, and loving your job but rarely do we ever schedule a time to rest. It is common for Solopreneurs, founders and entrepreneurs to be naturally workaholics. They struggle to stop themselves from overworking themselves quite often.

Your body needs at least 8 hours of sleep to function fully. Without enough rest, you’ll end up burned out and can’t stay focused on a task