Bitcoin Trading: Free Crypto Trading Bots

If someone would randomly l ask you about crypto trading bots, what best answer would you give them? Well, bots are computer programs that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. They observe market trends while automatically executing cryptocurrency trades in line with predefined procedures. This feature in the Bitcoin trading markets helps to reduce trading risks.

Fundamentally, the bots generate profits with greater risk-adjusted terms. This is safer than just buying coins directly while helping users operate in a safe zone. Bots have flexible trading options, including free demos to help them trade safely. They also allow you to set your trading preference. For instance, you can set probabilities for trading signals that interest you and enable you to get accurate trading data.

Thirdly, the bots use very complex trade algorithms to help track price fluctuations. Bitcoin trading is hugely characterized by price variations each day. The use of bots will track the beneficial variations. As evident, bots offer a lot more solutions to the users, which makes it important to have the best bots. Bitcoin trading. This article will pinpoint some of the best free crypto trading bots available in the market.

Best free crypto trading bots


The platform is an open-source crypto trading bot that currently supports over 6,000 stars on GitHub. The app supports over 16 exchange platforms, including Bitfinex, Bitsatamp and more. Enabled features on the app allow users to backtest their strategy over historical market data.


Zenbot is also among the significant Bitcoin platforms across the world. It supports several trading strategies that a user can configure and use immediately to trade. Another advantage is that they can be run on a desktop or hosted in the cloud. It also has support for JavaScript, which a user can alternatively configure to create personal strategies.


The platform is a standard free Bitcoin trading platform that is also very easy to set up. The app is a multi-coin trading platform. It allows users to select multiple coins they trade against.
Another unique point is making money while renting out the strategies to other bot customers in the bot store.

Autoview crypto trading bot

The platform offers free trading view data analysis and crypto trade signals. These signals help you release orders in the market in a timelier manner. Another thing is, the platform allows you to implement strategies for any cryptocurrency.
However, Autoview is only a chrome extension supporting only ten trading platforms. They include BitMex,1Broker, Binance, and others.

While the free platforms are popular and still very supportive, some packages have minimal backtesting results or none at all. Also, technical support for the fee platforms is more limited, which can destabilize usage. While trading Bitcoins online, consider backing up the signals with your analysis. You can also opt to build your bot based on your trading strategies will give you more privacy.