Marketing a blog is never an easy task for any blogger. It takes patience, commitment yet still takes forever to show any impressive results. It’s at this moment that content creators give up on marketing their blogs because, after days of launching a blog with no site views, their enthusiasm drops instantly.

But before you call it quits consider the small steps you have made. Understand that launching your blog is only the first step to your growth journey. Ordinarily while opening up any kind of business, the first months are always critical and it takes time for them to materialize so some patience for your blog is necessary.

At this time, do thorough research that will help your blog grow this can include using helpful guides to brand yourself.

We have compiled five ways you can use to market your blog;

Know your target audience

Knowing your target audience allows you to target the right people for your blog. Instead of creating content to attract the whole world to your new website, just think about your niche and the people interested in what you are talking about and selling. That’s a much smaller world than you think. Be confident and consistent in posting your content, with time, you will see start to see more engagements and increased audience on your site.

Before creating your content, you can use the following questions to guide you attract the right audience:

– Who did you have in mind when you started?

-Who has a genuine need or desire for your point of view, products, posts, e

– Who gets the most benefit out of your product or service? Who would pay for what you are delivering?

Speed up your website

This is one thing most bloggers forget to consider for their websites. A slow site attracts less visitors so its important to keep your site as fast as possible.

Optinmoster says, page speeds is on of the signals Google uses in their site ranking algorithms which means if your site is easy to load you have high chances of getting good site ranking.

The website also recommends useful tools you can apply to evaluate your websites performance. For instance PageSpeed Insights by google helps you analyze your webpage then generates suggestions to make your page load faster.

Create the top 10 list

You can rename it to anything provided I helps you achieve your targets. Creating “The Top Ten” simply entails a list of brands or blogs that you want to model yourself after. This blog can be your direct competitors or any blogs you look up to, this can be your inspiration list that you can learn from their milestones to get to where they are after a period of time. These blogs should be successful at what they do and are active so that you can as well be inspired.

Constantly refer back to it whenever you need inspiration, have to make a decision or want to see how others have done it, you will be amazed with the strides you have made through with the list.

Make your site easy to use

If you want to make your site attract more audience make it user friendly. This includes, making your layout easy to understand. Once your audience understands what you do or offer, they will be hooked to your content.

You should always ask yourself: “If I were my ideal reader, would I LOVE my website? Would I easily understand what it was about?” If the answer is no to either of those questions, then you need to re-do the look of your site.

Secondly, Have clear navigation. Make sure that your navigation bar, the content you offer and the general appealing of the whole site are all relatable.

Also set your social media profiles on your blog. Make your posts easy to share on social media as well. Put your best foot forward with a great profile.

Optimize Your Content for Search Engines

Content and SEO always go hand in hand. People use search engines to find almost everything online. Hence, optimizing your website and their content for search engines is what makes your site easily discoverable by users searching for terms relevant to you.

To make your content SEO friendly, always include relevant keywords in the URL, optimize your images, write compelling meta descriptions for your site and more. Your page title should be between 60-70 characters while 155-160 characters for your meta description.

You can also use an SEO plugin to do this. If you’re on WordPress Yoast plugin can help you to optimize your pages.

Also use keywords in your post title and subheadings. Add your main keywords in your post title. Link your work to other credible sites. Make sure to link to a specific URL that is relevant to your content.

And lastly, network. Networking can present to you bigger opportunities than just meeting people if you make them useful. Can your business cards, tell people about your blog and what you do. One of those 10 people you shared your time with will follow you or at least will share your page.

A call to action is also important for your blog marketing. It can be something as simple as “For more such stories follow my page “but you will be amazed how much results you can get. A call to action is always a hook. If I find your content attractive today, I will follow to get what you promised to share later. Such small steps can make you grow.