Instagram recently released its first-ever issue of Instagram Insider, a digital magazine offering insight into the fashion and beauty trends on the app that fashion and beauty content creators that use to grow their blogs. There are hundreds of consumers who read beauty and fashion content that would love to read highlights of Instagram trends.

The insider issue highlights creators to follow on the app, incoming trends, a number of small businesses including jewellery features that show what direction young consumers are headed while giving retailers ideas on what to stock for the coming summer season.

Using the guidance of the trends, you can easily learn what consumers want from the best trendy products, best selling or the biggest fashion events going down that your community of followers can readout.

Arts and crafts, for example, comprises DIY ware like crocheted knitwear, beaded bracelets, and quilted patchwork coats that has been trending lately and almost everyone else is hooked into it. This trend lends itself beautifully to a range of styles from independent jewellery., designers, like those making wearables from found or repurposed items and, of course, recycled materials. Creating content around this topics or selling products that are inline with this trend while getting familiar with this eco-conscious, most in-tune consumers.

The Instagram insider will be available in PDF format which gives you a flexible time to follow and read through unlike the Instagram stories that end in 24 hours whihc limits you to always stay online or miss some of the trends.

Other trends highlighted in the magazine largely revolve around beauty looks, like stick-on face decals and the best skincare regimens and more that you can explore.