The year 2020 has been a real rollercoaster but we still should wind it up with hopes for growth in the blogging industry. We currently have over 30,000 active blogs in Kenya and you might be wondering on choosing a Niche that would work for you in 2021 that is ideal and not clogged.

There’s no fairground at least in almost all industries but the trick is finding your stepping point and hanging on it. This also applied in blogging. You have to find a niche that you fully understand and start with that going forward.

A blog niche essentially is a specific market that you are targeting with the content on your blog it can be students, young mothers, people with disabilities or more can go provided you understand your topic fully.

Identifying your niche helps you understand your readers better and as such, you will create content that they want to read without necessarily going the extra mile to research about or pay advertising fee to get them read your content.

However small, you will have a select reader/ customer base you will build brand loyalty because the content that you share is the actual content you share. All niches are profitable but some are comparatively more profitable than others due to the content they convey or target market.

If you are stuck on identifying the right niche for your blog, please read on. We have collected a list of popular yet profitable niches that will get you started. They include:

Finance blogging

Anything about money doesn’t get old. Every day, people are watching out for new financial plans, saving trends and more to make their life’s better.

Creating a blog, about financial literacy will not only grow your viewership but will put you at a batter place to make better profits out of it.

More people are currently interested in stocks and cryptocurrencies, you can specialize in expounding the topics to the readers. The topic is highly competitive.

Tech blogging

Tech is also a quite competitive topic especially in Kenya. You can opt to do reviews for brand products especially smartphones and general electronics or even car. Every year, their’ s something new that brands are introducing and people are always looking for updates for the new products.

With tech, you will never exhaust topics. If your competitor is writing about a specific smartphone that you are interested in, you can pick only certain features and still sound as unique without clashing on your content.

Tech readers are mostly tech savvy, the more tech savvy you are the more views and profits you get.

Fashion and travel blogging

The best thing about fashion and traveling is that your content will never go obsolete. You can visit Masai mara for the 100th time and still you will spot something new for your readers.

Fashion and travel are highly profitable niches, although they need more focus like having a good camera and good sense of style, there is always a higher possibility that they will pay off.

Health blogging

Over the years, the health niche has greatly progressed. We now have more people watching their health and looking up on the internet or help to get their diets right or exercise. Whether you will write on dieting or just pick a health focus, you will still receive massive traffic on your site.

This year is already a clear example that the health niche is profitable. While productions in the tech and other industries went down. We had everyone running on the internet to search for information about COVDI-19.

Food blogging

If you love food, there are also a thousand food lovers out there that love cooking but don’t know have to do it. Creating a food blog be it just sharing recipes will give you a huge audience following. You can as well create rapport with several restaurants and get paid to review their foods.

Sharing good content especially food pictures, videos will also help you engage more with your followers.

Lastly, beyond what I have shared, there are still tons of topics you can exhaust for your blogging that will still pay off. For instance, you can opt to be an influencer and blogger at the same time. Your blog will create content then use your social media concurrently to promote other brands and get paid for that.